Before discovering Cowtown Pediatrix and our amazing therapist, Mrs. Whitney - life was an endless road of tantrums and doctors appointments. Our days were spent in the car bouncing from appointment to appointment in hopes to find the answers we were so desperately searching for. Our family was consumed with worry and anxiety trying to navigate our sons behavior and needs and to be frank, our family unit was exhausted. We avoided social settings, family gatherings, grocery stores, restaurants and more. Our schedules revolved around future meltdowns and dreaded “what-if” scenarios.  After 6 months of OT therapy to treat our sons sensory processing disorder, our lives have changed completely. My son is able to vocalize his needs and wants, we can sit down for dinner as a family, he is thriving in school and making new friends daily. Day to day activities and sounds that would normally upset or distract him are a thing of the past. Mrs. Whitney is one of a kind and her patience and dedication to help children is truly a gift. Not only has she navigated my son through his struggles - she more importantly taught me as a parent how to better understand my child. Every session, my son greets Mrs. Whitney with an award winning smile and reminds everyone that its “ITME DAY!” (Whitney Day) Mrs. Whitney gave our family the tools to help our son be the best version of himself and we are forever grateful!

Hannah, mom

Cowtown Pediatrix is simply the best! They have helped my child grow from having real difficulty with self regulation to being able to work through difficult moments more quickly! Sue, the owner, was the first therapist I felt could really see the full potential of my child. Meagan is an absolute gift to the OT profession! She works so hard with my child and has been so patient as he struggled to learn self regulation and master fine motor skills. She is innovative and flexible at finding the best approach to meet my child's needs and to help him grow. Kayla, his speech therapist, has done an amazing job connecting with him so he will continue to engage in the activities to practice his sounds. Tiffany  does a great job of making the insurance and scheduling easy to deal with and she's happy to answer my questions. Our family is so glad we found Cowtown Pediatrix and I regularly encourage friends with children who need Speech and OT to go to Cowtown. Be sure to look at the gym. It's my child's favorite!!  

Happy Mom!!

From start to finish, CPC has been nothing short of fabulous, professional, kind, understanding and knowledgable. My son has thrived under Miss Sierra's care. Iam so happy we have her and the rest of the CPC team on our side!!

Jenna, mom

We have two girls, ages 12 & 4, that have been going to OT @ Cowtown. Our youngest daughter also goes to speech therapy. TRULY AMAZING are the only words I can use to describe the progress both girls have made. Our oldest daughter is more confident than ever at school and our youngest is now speaking in full sentences. We love the Cowtown Team!

Nick, dad

Cowtown Pediatrix is an excellent resource for parents/families in need. The front office staff make scheduling and  insurance billing as smooth as possible. The therapists are an extension of your child's advocacy team, ensuring their needs are met and ensuring sessions are consistend and applicable to their in-school learning.

Sam, dad