Caroline Haskins

Caroline has obtained her undergraduate degree from The University of Oklahoma, followed by her masters from The University of Texas, at Dallas - Callier Center. Enlightening her experience within DFW, Caroline has worked in a variety of settings including early childhood schools with a multitude of communication deficits, and private clinics specifically associated with autism spectrum disorders, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, and sensory feeding difficulties. 


Caroline fell in love with learning about communication disorders in 2012, attending a camp for students with disabilities, when her camper with cerebral palsy shared her story through her individualized, augmentative and alternative communication device. Immediately, Caroline knew her zeal includes bridging the gap between families and children with communication disorders. Every child is unique, and finding a way to ignite their passion for communication is through getting to know them, all while making the journey to get there, fun!  


Recently married and now a Fort Worth resident, Caroline enjoys getting to know Fort Worth with friends and her energetic silver labrador, reading, traveling, and enjoying all company with her husband.